Whatsapp – How to Type in Hindi, English or any other Language on WhatsApp

If you are a exiting user of WhatsApp than you know more functionality of this popular messenger Whatsapp. Sometimes you got message in Hindi or other regional language as well and may be you also try to make a message in Hindi but not possible without any help.

So I’m sharing here how you can type message in Hindi, Bengali or other language

To configure your keyboard settings:

  1. Open Settings (available in your app drawer).
  2. Go to Language & input.
  3. Select the keyboard of your choice.
  4. In the Language & input screen you can also configure your auto-correct settings.

More information about WhatsApp:

Whatsapp is now popular among youngster. WhatsApp has just launched a way of using WhatsApp on computer. Covering all key feelings which you would like to share on whatsapp. As a result, because whatsapp is now the most commonly used platforms for messaging, it is simple to spy on anyone you find suspicious with no chance of being discovered. WhatsApp is among our favourite messenger. Whatsapp has turned into the most widespread immediate messaging app that has almost superseded the standard means of SMS. If you prefer to understand about how to unblock yourself in Whatsapp then you’re able to occur after the hyperlink.

You can now also call with your family members right from the Whatsapp. Whatsapp supplies you with distinct emoticons by which you are able to express your feeling better. Generally, you can’t utilize Whatsapp on your PC.

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Further information you get here at website- https://www.whatsapp.com/faq/

In the event the word that you want to use isn’t shown when using gesture typing, you must manually type it. You may choose your favorite one from these names. Should you be looking for a name for your whatsapp group then you’re at the most suitable location. Actually, a name to the group creates a group appears incredible and distinctive. In this part you’ll discover the optimal/optimally whatsapp group names in marathi language. In this part you’ll discover the very best whatsapp group names in Gujrati language. In this part you will discover the optimal/optimally whatsapp group names for making groups.

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